Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance initiates coverage of Magle Chemoswed

Magle Chemoswed Holding AB has entered into an agreement with Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance AB about the provision of commissioned research coverage.

Västra Hamnen will, on an ongoing basis, perform analysis of the company, its products, markets and competitors as well as of fair market valuation for the Magle Chemoswed shares. 

In its initial research report, Västra Hamnen writes:

“Magle Chemoswed represents a unique combination of a CDMO business with strong customer relationships and steady revenues, and a development portfolio of medical devices with attractive market opportunities. Operationally, there are many synergies in having both business orientations under one roof. For investors, it means an exciting upside potential with limited downside risk.”

In conclusion, Västra Hamnen writes:

“In our valuation model, we have included only the handful of products nearest to commercialisation and used otherwise conservative assumptions. On the back of this, our DCF model yields a fair value interval for the share of SEK 42.70 – 57.30 with further upgrade potential if the product launches prove successful.”

The initial research report is available on Västra Hamnen’s website at the following address: https://www.vhcorp.se/notis/default.aspx?NotisID=2368