Patient impact

The Magle Group is committed to improving health for patients around the world and improving patient empowerment and increasing their confidence in our products and technology. It is our absolute commitment to ensure we supply safe products to patients, customers, and healthcare professionals. We comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for clinical studies, product development, production, goods declarations, sales and marketing. 

Quality commitment

Our aspiration is to always supply high-quality, safe products and services that help to positively impact patient incomes and improve health economics. We are continuously investing in our operations and staff to ensure our staff are trained and educated in the most important quality standards and requirements to ensure all employees carry out high-quality work. 

Quality approvals

Our certificates, as with other regulatory approvals, are proof of our commitment to quality and our commitment to maintaining a high level of quality for our products and processes. 

Clinical studies

As the Magle Group DSM portfolio grows we are committed to investing in performing clinical studies and post-market clinical studies in order to generate more data about our products.

Post market monitoring

We undertake post market surveillance to monitor the safety of a pharmaceutical drug or medical device that we release on to the market to ensure there are no adverse patient or professional health worker events to monitor the safety of our products. We actively survey users to gather vital data and track trends and feedback to further improve our products.  

Case Studies

Dsm-Tpce (Transpulmonary
Chemoembolization) of Non-Small Cell
Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in the Left Hilar
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Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma (ICC)
Treated with DSM-TACE
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Dsm-Tace of Unresectable Perihilar
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