Growth strategy

The Magle Group is a growth organisation that has a clear strategy for developing its business areas. Between 2021-2024, the Company is driving a value creation program (“Value Creation 2024”) consisting of five priority initiatives. 


Establishing a Direct Sales Force

The critical factor that allows the Company to generate value is extending technology products’ offering to include a direct marketing and sales function to the medical community. Direct market access provides the Company with a competitive advantage to meet increasing market expectations in quality and product support through direct sales contact and inputs. It offers the opportunity to secure a more significant share of the value chain and the revenues from a direct sales force.


Increasing CDMO Returns 

Supporting customers in developing new products allows the Company to generate sustainable organic growth and secure manufacturing services across the development and commercial supply chain. The Company strives to ensure that CDMO service offerings are streamlined continuously and developed in line with industry needs. The Company will evaluate and assess the feasibility of expanding CDMO services to advanced therapy medicinal products to create value for customers and stakeholders and ensure the return on services supports business growth.


Accelerated Research and Development Pipeline 

The Company focus is on its research and development capabilities. The Company will work to actively expand and accelerate development of the DSM to increase the portfolio of products. The Company’s development focus areas will have an unmet medical need and strong market potential.  The Company will focus development on the following market segments (i) advanced wound care, and (ii) the particle embolization market. By accelerating development, the Company can lead new products to market quickly and leverage the establishment of a direct sales force to get new product to market under the best conditions and best results for patients.


Being an Exceptional Employer

Reaching the aspirational standards and levels that the Company aims for can only be done with excellent, motivated, and eager people. The Company will work hard to attract, develop, and retain top talent. The Company will promote personal development working in a flat organization and guided by agile principles and encourage and support education and knowledge advancement.


Operational Efficiency

The Company is not driven by increasing just headcount or revenue. The Company is focused on real indicators of enhanced operational efficiency and sustainable profit generation. The Company will strive to operate in a lean and agile manner that reduces waste and optimizes returns from generated revenues.