Reasons to invest in the Magle Group

An established healthcare group offering a broad and risk-balanced exposure to several high-growth areas with a diversified revenue portfolio, through medical technology development and commercialisation through PharmaCept, as well as CDMO services through Magle Chemoswed.

We are dedicated to contribute to patient well-being through innovation

We believe in the need to deliver medical solutions for patients. We care unreservedly about positively impacting patients’ lives. We are tenacious and unrelenting in both innovation and quality. And we believe our contribution will make a difference. We are dedicated to scientific excellence and innovative thinking in what we do, and we are proud of our contribution.  We have a track record of success with our technology and products and supporting customers through our CDMO to bring innovative products to patients.   

Our technology is documented and proven

Our products and pipeline are based on a unique degradable starch microsphere (DSM) polymer technology. The DSM is suitable for use in a variety of medical formulations and can be used both on and in the body being biodegradable and biocompatible. Our technology is well documented and available in no less than four active products with more than 150,000 patients treated worldwide.  

Diverse pipeline and high market potential

We see major market potential for our DSM technology that is safe and adaptable to new applications and areas of use across a wide selection of therapeutic areas. We will grow our business by developing our product portfolio and marketing these products directly. We will focus our development where we see high market potential. We will limit our risk by taking advantage of the multi-faceted application of our DSM technology and using this to diversify our development strategy.

Clear growth strategy

We are an ambitious growth company with a clear strategy for future growth. This strategy means developing new products and applications and expanding onto new and existing markets. In 2021 we started work on building a scalable direct sales organisation for Europe. Through the acquisition of PharmaCept we have gained a well-established sales organisation in Europe.

Diverse revenue base

We are in a unique market position with a diverse existing revenue base. Due to our unique business model, we have stable revenues generated by Magle Chemoswed through a small portfolio of active drug substances and through the sale of contract services and contract manufacturing. In addition, our DSM revenues are generated through a long-term royalty agreement and direct sales from PharmaCept.

Dedicated management

The Group management team has extensive experience of the life science industry as well as sales and marketing. The management team is dedicated and invested in the strategic journey we are on.