Analyst coverage

2023-05-16Magle Chemoswed: Case walk-through with RedeyeView report
2023-05-10Magle Chemoswed: The one-stop shop View report
2021-11-19Magle Chemoswed: DSM products taking shapeView report
2021-08-18Magle Chemoswed: Looking up View report
2021-05-20Magle Chemoswed: Progressing as planned View report
2021-03-01Magle Chemoswed: Beats our estimates View report
2021-02-09Magle Chemoswed: Prepare for take-off View report
Report Date
DSM products taking shape 2021-11-19
Looking up 2021-08-18
Progressing as planned 2021-05-20
Beats our estimates 2021-03-01
Prepare for take-off 2021-02-09