Magle Chemoswed supports expanded regulatory filings of technology product

Magle Chemoswed is pleased to announce that the expanded supply of the medical device comprising of Magle Chemoswed’s technology marketed by PharmaCept GmbH under the PharmaCept brand name of EmboCept®S to include the Nordics and Israel subject to final regulatory approval.

“We are happy to support the extended approvals for the EmboCept®S regulatory files in these territories, and we are excited to see the uptake of the product in the future. We are committed to supporting our partner PharmaCept as they expand their distribution network and market reach.” Justin Pierce, CEO. 

EmboCept®S is a microsphere-based medical device incorporating the technology platform of Magle Chemoswed used in vascular occlusion of liver and lung tumours. As the holder of the CE Mark Magle Chemoswed is the legal manufacturer, and PharmaCept GmbH markets the product under their trademark EmboCept®S.