Magle Chemoswed initiates collaboration with QureTech Bio

Magle Chemoswed will participate with QureTech Bio in a Swelife funded project which will in part be based on assessing the Magle Chemoswed technology as a suitable drug delivery system for QureTech’s new antibacterial agents containing several distinct classes of small molecules that target different infectious diseases.

“We are very excited to have been award part funding for the project and we look forward to working closely with the team at QureTech and making a contribution to an area that could be potentially lifesaving for patients. We are pleased to have received funding from Swelife for the project and look forwarding to delivering the project outcomes and generating a new a fruitful partnership with QuerTech,” says Justin Pierce, Magle Chemoswed’s CEO.

The project will commence in August 2020 and Magle Chemoswed will be responsible for developing micro carriers based on the Company technology for the delivery of the QureTech Bio molecules as an effective drug delivery platform. The project is within the strategic development objectives of Magle Chemoswed.