The solid-state properties of a compound have a big impact on the final product properties because of the presence of individual particles that must aerosolize during inhalation. Administration of drugs through dry powder inhalation requires a need for a deep understanding of the inherent properties of both active ingredients and the excipients.

Our scientists have comprehensive experience and competence within the entire field, from the early discovery phase and all the way to a marketed product. We can offer tailor-made support in all solid-state related inhalation development areas, including; 

  • Assessment of critical properties related to product performance using all essential characterization techniques 
  • Determination of relaxation kinetics versus relevant storage conditions 
  • Restoration of crystallinity, i.e., active conditioning 
  • Production of inhalation grade particle size distribution using fluidized jet mill 
  • Patent applications 


  • Reversed engineering of dry powder inhalation products 
  • Jet mill micronisation using 2.5” kit in dedicated safety cabinet with PSD support 
  • Mixing of micronised substances in close to particle-to-particle level 
  • Evaluation of powder flow using a Pharmacopeia approved equipment 
  • Detection of minute amount of surface amorphicity using complementary methods 
  • Conditioning (restoration of crystallinity) of process induced surface amorphicity 
  • Comprehensive solid-state characterization of both substances and formulations 
  • Salt & Polymorph screening and selection 
  • Crystallization of “difficult-to -crystallize” compounds 
  • IP and Regulatory support 
  • RH and temperature-controlled facilities with uninterrupted power supply 


XRPD (GMP option) 
IR (microscopy possibility) 
Raman (microscopy) 
LALLS (GMP option) 
SSA (based on BET principle) 
Powder flow (Angle of Repose) 
Isothermal microcalorimetry (GMP option)
Fluidized jet mill (small scale, 2.5”) 
Micro mixing kit 
Crystallization kit (convection based) 

Talk to our specialist

Lars-Erik Briggner
Lars-Erik has a master degree in Chemistry, Physics
and Mathematics, and a PhD in Physical Chemistry.
His background is in dry powder formulation, solid
form selection and solid state analyses.