We manage projects

To support your project and help you to meet the deadline, Magle has a dedicated multi-disciplinary highly experienced project team that operates as part of your organization.

Project Management

Magle Chemoswed Project Managers are dedicated to your project. They focus on getting to know your needs to find out what would make the project successful. This includes timelines, quantity, quality, and project specific requirements. The Project Manager is your voice and feet on the ground who will drive your project through the development.


To feel confident about the progress of your project, we are committed to keeping you informed throughout the process. You will set up milestones and reoccurning status meetings with your project manager at the beginning of the project, and you are of course always welcome to reach out when you have questions on the way. Collaboration is one of our core values, and we will make sure you feel confident about the project progress with us.

Technical Team 

Your project is resourced through a dedicated multidisciplinary team made up from our analytical and process development teams as well as a dedicated production and quality group to make sure that everyone is working to best meet your needs and deliver to timelines in accordance with your needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality and regulatory requirements are built into every milestone of your project. Quality is and our teams include regulatory, quality assurance, quality control, and results and documentation are prioritized for review and approval.

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Fredrik Andersson
Fredrik is a chemical engineer from Malmö University with vast experience of quality, analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical development. He has been working within the industry since 1999 and holding different managerial positions. Currently, he is the COO and deputy CEO at Magle Chemoswed.