Bulletin from the extraordinary general meeting in Magle Chemoswed Holding AB (publ) on the 1st of October 2020

At the extraordinary General Meeting in Magle Chemoswed Holding AB, held on 1 October 2020, by way of the postal voting procedure the following main resolutions were passed:

  • Joel Eklund was elected as new member of the Board until the end of general meeting 2021.
  • The proposed remuneration for the new member of the Board of Directors was approved.

Minutes from the Extraordinary General Meeting with complete resolutions will be made available at Magle Chemoswed’s website: www.maglegroup.com

Chairman of the Board and major shareholder, Hans Henrik Lidgard, comments:

Joel Eklund will enrich the board work in Magle Chemoswed Holding AB (publ) with his experience from industrial operations and his good relations with the business community in Skåne.